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A country of many climates, many languages and many beliefs, Indians are constantly celebrating a festival or a fair. Some mark the passing of seasons; there are six seasons and each one is ushered with festivities in different ways in the many parts of India. Local faiths being many - festivals in India are many too. The land being ancient - old customs, traditions continue to be followed and culminate in celebrations of varied order. The varied fairs and festivals of India add color and integrity to this beautiful land of culture. More

Its' people speak a total of 1,652 dialects and has 15 officially recognized languages with a cuisine that undergoes changes every 200 km. Lifestyles and customs vary every few hundred kms. Each state promotes its tourist wonders. It has myriad festivals, in rhythm with the cycle of the seasons, with sowings and harvesting. Elsewhere, around them have grown legends most depicting the victory of good over evil. Before Independence, many persons counted their age or an important event in their lives connecting them with particular festivals during their birth years! These were the punctuation marks in the story of their life.

Fairs are the focal point of socio, economic activities and attract people from far and near - a camel to be sold – like the Pushkar camel cattle fair, a land deal to be negotiated, a marriage to be fixed- a meeting place is necessary & fairs are ideal!

Two cycles of the moon per month, 365 days in a year - there is a fair, a festival in some isolated corner, perhaps unnoticed elsewhere - all the same a celebration! Some of these functions make a pleasant interlude for visitors who chance upon them, while others are worth the effort of a special trip!

The Indian calendar is a long procession of festivals in India; if you can find yourself in the right place at the right time; it is possible to go through your visit with a festival each day! Pongal, the harvest festival of the South India the immersion of Ganesh in Mumbai, Ratha Yatra, the car festival of Puri, snake-boat races in Kerala, Republic Day celebrated in Delhi & all the regions, every faith has something to celebrate. Let us look at them month wise. Less

Nepal by Helicopter
Destination: Nagaur, Rajasthan

Duration: 10 Feb 2019 - 13 Feb 2019

Amar Singh Rathore is the greatest hero of the region and was known for his chivalry and color. Once Salawat Khan, the brother in law of emperor Shahjahan, insulted him in the emperor’s court. Amar Singh immediately cut off his head and escaped from Agra Fort on his horse. He jumped from the ramparts of Agra fort whole riding the horse and fled, though the horse died on the spot. His daring and chivalrous deeds are still sung by the local people. The Muslim influence is clearly visible in the design of the fort, as parts of it were constructed by Amber and Shahjahan. Inside the fort are many royal apartments like Moti MahalBadal Mahal and Hawa Mahal. The Baradari or courtyard is painted with beautiful murals, which are a fine blend of Persian and Nagauri style. The frescoes of flowers and dancers also grace the walls of the Baradari, the havelies and palatial houses of the town are richly decorated with murals and paintings, with themes from Ramayana and Mughal-styled gardens still retain their beauty. The life and times of Lord Mahaveerji and Parasvanath are beautifully depicted in the Jain temples. Nagaur also has many old templesmosquesdargahs and cenotaphs. The Muslim families of the town are well known for their expertise in dyeing and printing of saris and chunaris. The brassware of hardware’s of Nagaur is also very popular. The Multani Lohars (ironsmiths) are renowned in the region for their craftsmanship. 

This eight-day fair held every year during the month of January - February, is popularly known as the 

Chapchar Kut Festival
Destination: Mizoram

Duration: 4 Mar 2019

A lively festival in Mizoram celebrates the arrival of spring. It is an occasion for Dane, music and feasting.

Chapchar Kut - a festival held during the period when the bamboos and trees that have been cut down are being awaited to dry to be burnt for jhumming. During this brief layoff period of jhumming, the Mizo ancestors could have all the time for themselves. They spend their leisure hunting games, fishing, et al. The Chapchar Kut festival evolved sometime between 1450 -1600 A.D. when the Mizo forefathers inhabit Lentlang. In the olden days, the festival could last for days and in the run up to the grand finale, there are well laid down steps to be followed. Everyone in the village has a role to play; of course, the youths were most involved in every stage of the preparation and in the festival itself. Designed to be a festival of joy, all disputes and differences that may be there in the community should be settled, even cation between married couples was a taboo during the celebration of the festival. Abundant supply of meat must be there and home brewed liquor must be over-flowing to keep their spirit high. They danced away all all their cares and made merry all night long. That sums up how the Mizos celebrate Chapchar Kut in the olden days when they were heathens.

Chennai Dance Festival
Destination: Tamil Nadu

Duration: 3 Jan 2019 - 22 Jan 2019

Chennai music and dance festival is a celebration of classical music and dance of South India held during mid December to mid January in the capital city of Chennai. The festival is held at a number of venues around the city by various 'sabhas' or organizations. Besides the auditoriums, well-known temple premises and heritage bungalows are being used as venues. The month long dance and music extravaganza will have performances of famous artistes from various parts of India.

There is no fixed venue of the festival in Chennai. Infact, it is held at a number of auditoriums, temples and heritage bungalows. It is also known as the 'Margazhi Festival of Dance and Music' and came into existence in the year 1927. The initial aim behind the celebration of this festival was to memorialize the anniversary of Madras Music Academy every December. Gradually, various organizations adopted this festival in place of the art festivals they used to hold in the different parts of the city.

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