Fortune Hotels launches ‘Safe Stays at Fortune Hotels’ programme

May 03, 2020

Safe Stays At Fortune Hotels,' a complete safety and hygiene program for visitors and staff that revolves around a safety and hygiene protocol, from pre-arrival to check-out, was just unveiled by Fortune Hotels, a member of the hotel group owned by ITC. As the hotels reopen or resume operations, they will meticulously apply the program's ten safety and hygiene pillars.

Fortune Hotels launches ‘Safe Stays at Fortune Hotels’ programme

The chain has also partnered with a top food safety and research company, TQS Global Management System, in order to acquire CORE 19 (COVID Secure) Safe Practices Protocol mixed with the Deming Cycle accredited under ISO Standards for all of its properties in India. Over the coming months, phase-by-phase implementation, training, and certification exercises will be conducted at all Fortune hotels. Over 350 employees were successfully taught by TQS Global for OFQUAL British accreditation, and the company has implemented food safety and hygiene practices across the chain in a variety of capacities. TQS Global has been affiliated with the Fortune Hotels for more than seven years.

The way we travel, stay, and mingle around the world is changing significantly, according to Samir MC, managing director of Fortune Park Hotels Ltd., who spoke about the launch of this program. We are aware that the Covid-19 epidemic will fundamentally alter how people travel and conduct business. By redefining our spaces and experiences through the use of this hygiene program and certification, we can give our visitors a very safe, hygienic, and stress-free environment. The "Safe Stays at Fortune Hotels" program consists of a comprehensive protocol and best practice adherence around 10 key pillars, including thoroughly cleaned and sanitized rooms, safe public areas, social seclusion for hospitality, food and beverage hygiene and safe handling procedures, safe meetings, hygiene check stations, trained and sensitive staff members, and a hygiene code of conduct.

This end-to-end program will thoroughly cover all hotel departments and sub-departments, including the heart of the house and the guest facing areas, with the goal of giving guests a comfortable and satisfying experience. Additionally, it will go beyond simple, practical rules like donning a mask and avoiding eye contact with others by assisting in the development of strong safety and hygiene procedures and practices throughout all of its hotels.

The procedure must include the application of and certification to ISO 9001, a Standard created for the certification of Quality Management Systems (QMS), in order to facilitate efficient system integration. With the help of numerous technologies, both online and offline, the full installation of the CORE 19 (COVID Secure) Health & Safety Management System will be carried out throughout the entire project. Along with the strict guidelines from Indian and international bodies like the Ministry of Tourism, FSSAI, Codex, WHO, FAO, and CDC, the program will incorporate QMS Principles, Occupational Health and Safety Analysis Systems (OHSAS) guidelines, and the "Safe Stays at Fortune Hotels" protocol.