Planning to take domestic flights? Instructions you must follow inside the aircraft and after your journey!

May 21, 2020

Planning to take domestic flights? Instructions you must follow inside the aircraft and after your journey!
Domestic flights resume:Resuming domestic flights, the center has issued advice for travelers. Hardeep Singh Puri, the minister of civil aviation for the Union, announced on Wednesday that domestic flights would resume on May 25. The change occurs two months after the coronavirus outbreak forced the cancellation of all commercial flights. Following the decision, the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation provided specific instructions on Thursday to ensure that all parties involved take the appropriate steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as a result of the resumed operations.

Domestic flight guidelines: Detailed instructions for passengers

On-flight instructions

  • Passengers must maintain good hygiene and sanitization throughout the whole trip and should limit face-to-face contact.
  • They must try to limit how often they use the restroom, and they must avoid moving around unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • There would be no standing in line at the restroom, and just one attendant would be authorized for little children and the elderly.
  • The airlines will not provide meals, however water bottles will be available in the gallery area or on the seats.
  • It would be forbidden to eat anything inside the aircraft.
  • There won't be any magazines or newspapers in the cabin, and there won't be any sort of on-board commerce.
  • Any passenger who is feeling worn out, uncomfortable, or has a cough should immediately alert the crew so that the passenger can receive assistance

Instructions for passengers to be followed from airport to the destination

  • No one should rush to the exit gate since the passengers must disembark the aircraft in sequence.
  • At the arrival gate, aerobridges, ramps, coaches, and jet ladders, social distance and sanitization must be observed.
  • It is recommended that travelers use the luggage carts in the arrivals hall sparingly.
  • Passengers must wait in the baggage hold area until batches of luggage are loaded onto the conveyor belt.
  • Passengers on transit would not be allowed to leave the transit area.
  • Passengers should only utilize authorized taxis that adhere to sanitary standards to go to their destinations, and only these taxis would be permitted to pick up passengers at the airport.
  • Travelers must adhere to social distance rules and hygienic standards while using any means of transportation.
  • Upon arrival, visitors would have to follow any health regulations set down by the destination state or UT.