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Most Americans Are Willing to Travel Before a Vaccine

May 01, 2020

A new survey shows that most Americans will not wait for a vaccine to resume flying or staying in hotels.

Most Americans Are Willing to Travel Before a Vaccine


An extensive research report compiled by Azurite Consulting measures Americans’ willingness to engage in travel activities before the arrival of a vaccine for COVID-19, among other key economic indicators. Until there is a vaccine, 38% will not return to a theme park or aquarium; 45% will not return to a casino; 36% will not fly internationally again; 30% will not fly domestically again; and 26% will not stay in a hotel again. A quarter of avid cruisers (those who have taken 3-5 cruises between 2015-2019) say they will never cruise again. The study also finds that more than 90% of both C-suite executives and small-and-medium-sized business owners believe that the pandemic will cause them to permanently reconsider the need for business travel and in-person meetings.

Most Americans Are Willing to Travel Before a Vaccine

Why It Matters

According to the study, business travel and cruising are not poised for quick returns. However, it is not all doom and gloom for leisure travel advisors: These figures demonstrate a willingness by most Americans to travel before a vaccine is released. Advisors who can speak confidently about travel in this new era — regarding everything from safety protocols to travel insurance — are poised to inspire trust in clients and capitalize on pent-up demand.