Safety Kit

How Our Company Is Prepping Clients for Safer Travel

June 01, 2020

How Our Company Is Prepping Clients for Safer Travel

AA Recreation Tours & Travels will provide our international clients kits featuring a mask, hand sanitizer, infrared contactless digital thermometer, tissues, disinfection wipes and more. Back in the old days, travel agencies might have sent clients pre-trip care packages

that included luggage tags and passport holders. But for clients traveling in the new normal, safety and hygiene will be of utmost concern.

Our agency is currently putting together safety care kits that feature a pack of alcohol wipes; a bottle of hand sanitizer; a face mask; an infrared contactless digital thermometer; a pack of mini tissues; and a vinyl pouch. According to Dhruv Ahluwalia, director for AA Recreation Tours & Travels, the kits are part of a greater effort to educate clients that “travel in the near future is going to look & feel quite different

How Our Company Is Prepping Clients for Safer Travel

than people are used to.” Everything from the enforcement of face coverings to special airline boarding procedures will take some time for people to adjust. We are informing clients of any new regulations that their airline or hotel may require before they travel. The agency is seeing a growing demand for travel among its clients, as well as an increased demand for counsel by travel advisors. We are letting clients know that their travel advisor should be able to provide most of the insights they will need to be equipped. Requesting and bringing their safety care kit should prove useful in preparing for what might come their way once they get back on the road.