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Puri - Quick Facts

Area: 16.3368 Sq. Km.
Population: 201,026
Altitude: Sea level
Season: October to March
Clothing: Summer- Light cotton, Winter- Heavy woollen
Rainfall: 1500 mm average
Languages: Hindi, oriya & English

The dynamic topographical and vegetational strength of Puri have combined to extract some of the most stunning destinations in the district and the visitor would do well to prepare himself for a vacation that will not only be a visual feast but a highly educative and culturally pleasing in the world. Puri is a land of temples, examples of a religious architecture. A synthesis of the inherent aesthetic sense of the Puri's people and the values of the religious sects and cults. Exquisite temples, superb monuments, inviting beaches, natural landscape. Puri, the best ancient and modern India, whose people share a strong sense of holiness, a sense of belonging with their beautiful land and their enduring links with the past.

Puri offers tourists the rare opportunity of witnessing the colorful sunrise and sunset on the same beach on its golden sands.Temples and sanctuaries , golden beaches and glorious lakes that is visually fascinating, crafts that are colorful and vibrant and the numerous festivals that can take a "Juggernaut-like " momentum Puri has then all and much more for you.Excellently connected by Air, Rail and Road, Puri invites you toits hospitable environs and promises you an experience you will never forget. When others talk of taking down memory lane, Puri will take you back to your ancient linkages. Tourist’s complex and sports:-Puri being one of the coastal districts of Orissa named after the heritage city of same name famous for Lord Jagannath. The district has a variety of monuments spitamising the evaluation of art and architecture. Nature has its full beam in the district with unspeilt Sea-beach, lake, wildlife and hospitable people with traditional crafts. Besides getting experience with cultural and social lives of Orissa, Tourists may plan for lieasure crusing, bird and Dolphin watching, sightseeing communing with nature.

By Air
Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport - 60 km. Indian Airlines offers excellent connections to Bhubaneswar from Delhi, Calcutta, Visakhapatnam, Nagpur,Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai.

By Rail
A terminus on the S.E. Railway having fast and superfast train links with New Mumbai, Delhi,Guwahati , Hyderabad ,Thiruvanantapuram Calcutta and Baidyanath Dham & etc.Puri has good rail connections with Delhi , Calcutta, Tirupati, Okha and Ahmedabad.

By Road
60 km by State Highway from Bhubaneswar. One can also approach by road via Konark and then through the Marine drive covering about 100 km.

Golden Sea Beach
The golden beach of Puri is one of the best inthe countries for Sun, Surf and Sand. The beach area has been a popular seaside resort for decades, and some of the old hotels capture the charm of bygone days. For this shining beach, Puri has got its dual importance of a relaxed seaside resort and of an important pilgrimage centre. A stroll along the beach or a much desired bath here in the sea is very much refreshing. The beach goes festive on occasions like"Kartik Purnima” i.e. The full moon day of the lunarmonth of Kartik when Hindus gather here in the earlymorning to take a holy deep and pray sea God The fivedays long Beach Festival in the months of February inow very popular in the Festival calenderBeach clothes are appropriate for this sea side resort.

Chandra Bhaga
At about 3 kms from the Sun Temple atKonark is the Chandrabhaga beach. The strong currents do not make it either safe or easy for swimming. But the picturesque view of the sunrise and sunset at this place is enchanting. According to a myth, the Sun God is believed to have sought a beautiful sea-maiden named Chandrabhaga. After chasing her up to this point, she is said to have disappeared into the sea. A river by the same name Chandrabhaga is supposed to have existed just 3 kms away from the temple where (as another legend goes), Shamba, the son of Lord Krishna prayed to the Sun God for 12 years to be cured of leprosy.

In memory of Shamba’s successful penance, the Chandrabhaga Mela (festival) is held every year. During the full-moon phase in the month of Magha, the festival.

Chilka Lake
Nesting in the heart of Coastal District Puri, Asia's largest & biggest inland Brackish water lake, Chilika, streching across the length of the three districts of Puri, Khurdha& Ganjam, itjoins up with the Bay of Bengal through a narrow mouth, forming an enormous lagoon of brackish water .Spread over an area of 1,100 sq. km it was declared a sanctuary in 1987. Dotted with many emerald green islands with colorful names such as honeymoon islands and Breakfast island ,Chilika is home to a rich variety of aquatic fauna .It is also a sanctuary and winter resort for migratory birds like a bird watcher's paradise. Sun rise and Sun set are memorable experiences here. Winter is the loveliest time at Chilika, with thousands of migratory birds flying in from as far as Siberia to make their winter sojourn in strange waters. The water comes alive with their raucous cries and colorful plumage as the bird’s battle to find space to make their new homes. While the lake's Nalabana Island has been declared a sanctuary for its varied flora and fauna, Kalijai Island is home to Goddess Kalijai and the venue for annual Makar Mela.

Satapara, a retreat in nature on Chilika lake,is poened up to the tourists . For its location near the confluence of the lake with the ocean and proximity to puri(48km), it is an ideal spot to enjoy Chilika . The thrilling sight of dolphins round the year and abundance of migratory and resident birds in winter make it a preffered place for a vacation with nature.

It is 10 K.M. from Puri in marine drive in Puri-Konark Road. Beautiful isolated beach, attractive for tourist.

Balihara Chandi
At about 20 kms from Puri, on sanddunes near the confluence of the expanded sea and calm River Bhargavi is situated the temple of Baliharchandi. The place derives its name from ‘Baliharchandi’-the revered goddess who is considered to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga. This place is most often the first choice for a picnic or pleasure trip. The solitude that the place enjoys along with the visual enchantments is a haven for lovers of nature. The wild flora and fauna around this place are often the subject of study for young students with a scientific bent of mind. Take care not to wander away into the unknown without the help of local people as quicksand pervades the area.

20 K.M. from Puri in Puri-Konark road lays Th famous Lord Shiva Temple. It is near the sea beach, a beautiful picnic spot.

20 K.M. from Puri towards Satapada is the Bramhagiri bazar. It is famous for Lord Alarnath the god of Vishnu. Legent says Lord Jagannath stays in Alarnath during the ANASARA (suffering from fever) period before car festival every year.

Applique in Orissa is an old temple art, which has been refined to perfection. A fine example of the craft is the enormous applique canopies above the reigning deity of Puri, Lord Jagannath. Applique art is the process of cutting coloured cloth into shapes of animals , birds, flowers, leaves and other decorative motifs and stitching them on to a piece of cloth that can ultimately be used as a lamp shade , a hand bag or even a garden umbrella . The village of Pipli, 40 kms. From Puri, is the site of beautiful applique work, created by artists, quite a few of whom have won national awards for their crafts?

The artists' village of Raghurajpur, 16 km from Puri, is famous for its Pattachitras created by traditional chitrakaras, who have for centuries, also churned out palm-leaf etchings with exquisite detail. Quite a few of the craftsmen are winners of national awards.

Sakshigopal is 20 km from puri is famous for Radha Krushna temple. It is also famous for Satyabadi bana vidyalaya and bakulabana.

Sea-shell,Palm Leaf paintings,Silver filigree,stone and wood carving,Patta paintings,Tie and Dye textiles,bamboo basketry,brass and bell metal work and horn work and the famous applique work of pipli,can be selected as souvenirs from the local market of Puri.Ananda Bazar at Puri is the world biggest food market.

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