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Mount Abu - Quick Facts

Area: 25 sq. km.
Population: 22,943
Altitude: 1219 meters
Season: September to March
Clothing: Summer- Light tropical, Winter- Light woolen
Language: Hindi, English, Rajasthani

AT 1,200 meters. Mount Abu is the highest point of the Aravallis range passing through Rajasthan. The only hill resort of Rajasthan, it is mainly built around a lake and surrounded by forests hills. .Mount Abu is not only rated among the best hill station of the country but is also an important Rajput and Jain Pilgrim center. The town forms an amphitheater around Nakki Lake, which is believed to be dug out by the Gods with their nail (nakh). Built between 11th and 13th centuries.

Besides having all the features of a pleasant hill resort, Mount Abu is also well known for the famous Dilwara Temples and many more archaeological remains, interesting treks and picnic spots, the romantic royal retreats of the various erstwhile families of bygone Rajputana and some relics of the Raja's period. For those keen to learn more about the history of Rajasthan it will be interesting to note that this place was also the site for one of the most sacred rites- a yagya. This was performed by the same sage Vashishtha for the purification of the ancient fighting caste, the Kshatriyas. From this Mystical fire rose the mighty Rajputs who dominated the history of Rajasthan. Mount Abu was also an important Vaishnava and shaivite pilgrim center up to the 11th century. No visit to Mount Abu can be complete without a trip to the famed Temples.

By Air
Udaipur is the nearest airport. Daily flight form Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur are available to Udaipur (175) kms.

By Rail
The nearest railway station is Abu Road 29km away from Mount Abu. Abu Road is well connected to Ahmedabad & Jodhpur.

By Road

By road Mount Abu connected with all cities.

•        Ahmedabad 222 km.
•        Jodhpur 264 km.
•        Udaipur 185 km.
•        Ahmedabad 221 km.

Dilwara Jain Temple
These were built between the 11th and 13th centuries. Vimal Vasahi is the oldest of the temples, built in 1031 A.D,.Constructed of white marble. This is reason enough to visit Mt Abu. Located within an ancient mango grove, the Dilwara temple is profusely carved, and during the morning, the priests perform several ritual ceremonies that are not open for public viewing.

Nakki Lake
Nowhere else in India except in the Himalayas, does a lake exist at 1,200m above sea level. The lake is studded with little islands. Boats are available for cruises Toad rock: This enormous rock carved by nature overhangs the Nakki Lake and appears like a toad ready to dive into the lake.

Adhar Devi Temple (2 kms)
This is a beautiful temple chiseled out of a huge rock, formed by a natural cleft. It is also known as the Arbuda Devi temple. A climb of 360 steps up the hill, leads to the place where homage to the Goddess can be paid. It is believed that the image of the goddess was originally hanging in mid air, hence the name Adhar Devi.

Gaumukh Temple (Vashistha’s Ashram)
Many Sages and seers had their retreat on Mt.Abu, the most Famous Being sage Vashishtha. To regenerate the Human race, he performed a ‘yagna’ or magic fire from were born the Agnikula clans of Chauhans, Solankis, Parmers and Prtihars natural spring that flows out through a sculpted cow’s head, gives the shrine its name.

Sunset Point
It is a beautiful site which provides a lovely view of the setting sun. South west of Nakki Lake, one cane see the sun gradually drown itself in the azure sky between two mountain peaks. Steps lead up to a high terrace which offers an awe inspiring view of the setting sun.

Honeymoon Point
Until recently known as the Anadra Point, this place provides a pleasant view of the verdant vally and the plains. It looks especially beautiful at the sunset hour, when it acquires a serene aura.

Om Shanti Bhawan
Also known as the Universal Peace Hall, it is the World Spiritual University of the Brahma Kumaris. It has a big hall without any pillers, which can accommodate upto 3,500 people.

Peace Park
On the way to Gurushikhar, this park is considered to be among the most beautiful Gardens in the country, developed by Brahma Kumaris.

Achalgarh (10 kms)
This majestic fort, built by Rana Kumbha of Mewar in the 14th century, houses some magnificent temples. The important ones are the temple of Achaleswar Mahadev (1412 AD) and Kantinath Jain temple (1513 AD), having a gold plated image. Mandakini Kund near Achaleswar temple and the sculpture of Parmar Dharavarsh are of special interest.

Guru Shikhar (18 kms)
Known as the saint’s pinnacle, it is the highest peak of the Aravalis rising upto 1772 mtrs. Above sea level. It affords a panoramic view of the adjoining areas and has a small Shaivite shrine and temple of Dattatreya, a saint whose footprints are carved within. Similar footprints of Ramananda, the great Vaishnavite preacher, can be seen a little further on, and a little distance down below, at the base of the rock, is a great bell suspended by a wooden frame, which has Gujarati inscription dating back to 1411 AD.

Summer Festivals: Held in June in Mount Abu, this is one of the few celebrations during the summer months (though it coincides too with the marriage 'season' which spans, according to planetary chartings, from May-July). In the cool environs of the hill town, it is time to relax while folk performances are staged, particularly of the Bhil tribes of the region.

Curios in marble, sandalwood and sandstone can be bought from the shops around Nakki Lake. Kota sarees, bangles and linen with sanganeri prints are also available. For Rajasthani handicrafts there is Rajasthali, Rajasthan Government Handicrafts Emporium.

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