Jhalawar - Quick Facts

Area: 75.50 sq. kms

Population: 66,919

Altitude: 312m

Climate: Arid

Temperature: Summer (25 °C Min to 45 °C) | Winter (1°C to 23°C)

Clothing: Summer - Light Tropical’s | Winter - Heavy Wollens

Season: Winter - Oct. to March | Summer - April to June

Language: Rajasthani, Hindi & English

Best Time To Visit: Oct-Feb

The princely state of the Jhalas, Jhalawar was created in 1838 A.D., after being separated from Kota by the British. Remarkable contributions from various rulers including Zalim Singh I made it a culturally rich state. Lying in the south-eastern region of Rajasthan at the edge of the Malwa plateau, Jhalawar has rocky but water-laden verdant landscape, unlike much of Rajasthan with some exquisite pre-historic cave paintings, massive forts, thickly wooded forests and exotic wildlife variety. Jhalawar boasts of rich historic as well as natural wealth. One can spot countless species of birds as one drives past the lush countryside. Red poppy fields and orange laden orchards make the countryside all the more fascinating and colorful during winters. The area around Bhawani Mandi is known for contributing a major share to the production of citrus in the country.

By Air
Jaipur Airport 335 kms

By Rail
Kota 87 kms | Ramganj Mandhi 30 kms

By Road
It is situated on NH12 and has excellent connections with the following.
Road Distance from Jhalawar
•  Jaipur  335 kms
•  Ajmer  292 kms
•  Kota  87 kms
•  Bundi  123 kms
•  Indore  235 kms
•  Udaipur  445 kms

Jhalawar Fort
Located in the heart of the town, this fort presently houses the Collectorate and other district offices. Of particular interest are the exquisite paintings and mirrors on the walls of Zanana Khas. In order to see these paintings one has to take permission from the offices located here.

Bhawani Natya Shala
This is the most unusual theatre in India which was constructed in 1921 AD where Parsi plays used to be conducted. Recently, the old building has been renovated and offers an excellent insight into the art of theatre.

Chandrabhaga Fair
It is held every year at Jhalarapatan 06 kms from Jhalawar in the month of Kartik (October-November). The river Chandrabhaga meanders through this place and is considered holy by the people residing in this part of Rajasthan. During the fair, devotees bathe in the holy waters at a place known as Chandravati.

Gagron Fort
Built over several centuries (8th to 14th century AD), the Gagron Fort stands impressively at Jhalawar. Encircled by the placid waters of the Ahu and Kali Sindh rivers on the three sides, the fort witnessed various great battles. There is an amazing mausoleum of Sufi Saint Mithe Shah just outside the fort which hosts an annual colorful fair held during the month of Moharram.

Government Museum
Established in 1915 AD, Government Museum is one of the oldest museums of Rajasthan and houses a fine collection of paintings, rare manuscripts, idols and beautiful statues of Lakshminarayan, Vishnu, Krishna, Ardhanarishwar Natraj and Trimurti.

Rrain Basera
On the kota-Jhalawar road, just 06 kms short of Jhalawar town is a beautiful wooden cottage situated on the banks of the kishan Sagar. The interesting point about this cottage is that transported to this place almost in its original condition. The department of irrigation. The cottage brought by the maharaja of Jhalawar was exhibited at Lucknow in 1936 and was originally constructed by the forest research institute of Dehradun.

Bhim Sagar
Located 24 kms from Jhalawar, Bhim Sagar was once the capital of kheechibara. The dam on the Ujar River is an excellent picnic spot. Ruins of palaces, temples and mosques of both Muslims and Rajputs architecture, can be seen here.

This city of bells, 06 kms from the main town of Jhalawar, is quite interesting. The entire township is located within a wall. Founded by parmara Chandra Sen, grandson of Maharaja Vikramaditya, it is located on the banks of the holy Chandrabhaga River. Raja Zalim Singh founded the present town near the ruins of the old Chandravati. Jhalarapatan, or Chandravati as it is called, has 108 temples. The sun temples (padamnath temple), the finest at Hadoti and built along the lines of Konark temple is still in good condition. The Chandravati group of temples includes shitaleshwar Mahadev, Kalka Devi, shiva and the Vishnu temples. Of special note are the carvings on various idols, pillors and an open porch. The armed Kalika and eight armed Ganesh are examples of superb craftsmanship.

Gagron Fort
About 11 kms from Jhalawar and 100 kms, south of Kota is the famous Gagron fort. The Ahu River and Kalisindh River surround the fort on three sides while on the western side there is a deep moat. Established in the 8th century, it was completed in the 14th century. The mausoleum of a Sufi saint lies outside the fort. An annual fair is held here during Ramazan.

Buddhist Caves and Stupas
These ancient Buddhist caves are located in the village Kolvi. These caves house a huge figure of Buddha and the carved stupas are the outstanding structures in the caves.

Shanti Nath Temple
An old temple, it is a replica of the padamnath temple. The main temple is surrounded by corridors on three sides which houses many Jain idols embellished in silver.

Sun Temple
The padamnath temple (9th century) atop its 52 carved pillars is a structure of massive proportions and architectural beauty. The pillars, hall, mandap and wall carvings are quite spectacular.

Buddhist Caves
In Dag tehsil are located 76 Buddhist rock-cut caves and stupas. The caves in Kolvi village are of great importance. The statue of Buddha and the carved stupas are major highlight of these 35 caves.

Atishaya Jain Temple, Khanpur
Located 35 kms from Jhalawar, the atishey Jain temple dates back to the 17th century. The main idol of Lord Adinath, created out of a single piece of red stone and measuring about two meters, is a remarkable feat of craftsmanship.

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