Bilaspur famous for Rice Quality, Kosa Industry & Cultural Background

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Bilaspur - Quick Facts

Area: 145.76 Sq. Km.
Population: 331,030
Altitude: 317 meters
Rainfall: 58 cm
Best Time To Visit: October to March
Languages: Hindi, English & Chhattisgarhi

Bilaspur district is not only famous in Chhattisgarh but in India due to its unique characteristics like rice quality, Kosa industry and its cultural background. Bilaspur district has a major contribution in the naming "Dhan Ka Katora" for the entire Chhattisgarh region.The Bilaspur city is approximately 400 years old and the name "Bilaspur" has been originated from the Fisher-woman named "Bilasa". Over the years Bilaspur has developed a lot, despite several natural calamities.

Bilaspur district is situated between 21'47 and 23'8 north latitudes and 81'14 and 83'15 east latitudes. The district is bounded by Korea on the north, Anuppur District and Dindori District of Madhya Pradesh state on the West, Kawardha on the southwest, Durg and Raipur on the south and Korba and Janjgir-Champa on the East. The area of the district is 6377 sq. k.m. The total population of the district is approx 1,993,042.

By Air

The most comfortable way of reaching Bilaspur is by taking the aerial route. The airport in Bilaspur is located in Chakarbhatta, which is situated at a distance of about 10 kms away from the city.

By Rail
Reaching Bilaspur by train is also a viable and popular option. The zonal head office of the South East Central Railway is in Bilaspur. Indian Railways connect Bilaspur to the rest of the country. If you plan to visit Bilaspur from New Delhi, you can board the Rajdhani Express. Well-planned railway network links Raipur to the cities like Bhopal, Indore, Nagpur, Kochi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

By Road

You can also reach Bilaspur via road. Bilaspur is linked to Mumbai and Kolkata by the National Highway network. Regular buses and taxis ply to and from the nearby towns and cities. The auto–rickshaws are the popular modes of transport closely followed by the cycle rickshaws and horse drawn carriages.


The old capital of the Chhattisgarh state - Ratanpur, is situated approximately 25 km away from Bilaspur hqrs. on Katghora Road . According to the local people, it had an important place in all four Yugas. As per its tourism importance, there is an old fort which is till date in good condition. There is good attractive old sculpture on the stone over the frame of Ganesha gate. On the frame of this gate Idols of River Ganga-Jamuna can be seen. On entrance are glimpses of the Tandav Dance of Lord Shivji and statue of Brahma and Vishnu.


(Saravpur) Once open a time the Saravpur was the Capital of ancient Chhattishgarh. It is approximately 14 Km. away from Masturi block on the route of Bilaspur- Raigarh. At this place remains have been found of the period dated approx. 1000 BC. The temples of 10th and 11th century can also be seen here. Among these Pataleshwar Kedar temple is one of them where Gaumukhi Shiv ling is the main site of attraction. The Didneswari temple is also present here. Artistic idols can be seen in Deor temple. At this place, there is museum having good collection of old sculpture being managed by Central Govt.

Talagram is famous for "Deorani-Jethani" temple and is situated approx. 25 Kms. from Bilaspur on Bhojpur-Dagori road. The another name of Talagram is Ameri-kapa gram. There is a wonderful statue present in the temple which is approx. 7 ft. high, 4 ft. wide and weighs around 8 tons. People from all corners of the world come to see the statue. No name has been given to that statue even after several years.


It is basically a dam located approx. 10 Kms. from Ratanpur. It is surrounded with forest and hills. There is a rest house near to that dam. It is a natural tourist point.


It is situated appx. 11 Kms from Takhatpur. It is famous for a big pond (kund) and samadhi.

Khadia Dam

It is situtated in Lormi Block which is approx. 85 Kms. from Bilaspur. It is famous for natural resources.

Kabir Chobutara

It is situated in Gourella Block and approx. 41 Kms. from Bilaspur. It is a place of saints and mahatma.

Ravishankar Sagar Dam

Ravishankar Sagar dam irrigates almost 57,000 hectares of land and is the main supply of water to the Bhilai Steel Plant and Raipur is here. Sondhur dam and Dudhawa dam are other major dams.

Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Sitanadi wildlife sanctuary was established in 1974 Under Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. The sanctuary covers an area of approximately 556 sq km. The beautiful sanctuary derives its name from the Sitanadi River that originates in the middle of sanctuary and joins Mahanadi River near Deokhut. Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its lush green flora and fauna the major tourist attractions of Dhamtari include the famous Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to an amazing variety of wildlife and birds.

Bhilai Iron and Steel Plant

Situated 24 km from Raipur, the industrial township has one of the biggest steel plants in India. Apart from the huge Bhilai Steel Plant the Maitri Bagh in the township also attracts tourists of educational and technical interests.

Danteshwari Temple

A splendid temple of Goddess Danteswari tops the list of places of interest, in the town. This temple, which is one among the Shaktipithas of the country, is visited by devotees from different parts of the country through out the year. Constructed, mainly on the South Indian style of temple architecture, and located at the confluence of the holy rivers Shankini & Dhankini, this temple gives a pleasant feeling of peace and immense satisfaction to the minds of devotees who visit. Apart from Danteshwari temple, the temple of Bhairm Baba is also historically important place to visit.

This mining area has one of the largest deposits of Iron ore in the world. These are of extremely high quality - the Iron content of the ore is as high as 68%. 14 reserves have been discovered, of which 3 are being mined. Bailadila has two towns - Bacheli (29 km from Dantewada) and Kirandul (41 km from Dantewada). The mines are in the highest peak, Aakash Nagar.

Bilaspur will remain incomplete if you do not walk around the small shopping joints in Bilaspur. Shopping in Bilaspur is fun as it is a completely different experience. You will find some colorful little markets for knick-knacks and souvenirs which have exceptional charm. It is not a great place to shop but it will surely cater to most of your demands. It is seen that typical tourist shopping in Bilaspur may not give you enough options.

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