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Andhra Pradesh - Quick Facts

State Capital: Hyderabad
Area: 160,205 km2
Population: 49,386,799
Altitude: 542m
Clothing: Summer- Light cotton, Winter- Light cotton
Season: October to March
Climate - summer - 200C-400C, Winter - 130C-200C
Rainfall: 940mm
Highest Location -Eastern Ghat
Languages: Hindi, Telugu,Tamil,Kannada & Odia
Best Time To Visit - October to February
Religions: Hindu, Muslims, Christians, Jains

Andhra Pradesh is rich in historical monuments and many holy temples. Tirupati in Chittoor district hoses one of the most famous temples in India. The presiding deity is known as the Venkateswara. The main temple is situated on a hill top, Tirumalai, and is a masterpiece of south Indian architecture. The main tourist attractions are the capital of the state, Hyderabad. The capital is in reality the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad linked together by the Hussain Sagar Lake.

Fringed by the Bay of Bengal, many an alluring beach is tucked away along the coastline. The sea face of Visakhapatnam, besides its bustling harbour, has a single massive rock jutting into the ocean at a height of 174 m. Referred to as the Dolphin's Nos; the gigantic cliff has a powerful lighthouse that sends signals as far as 65 km. The beach front of Visakhapatnam is peaceful and enticing. Rishikonda and Bhimli are calm, making them aquatic playgrounds. Bhimunipatnam, 24 km from Visakhapatnam is a pleasure resort at the mouth of the river Gosthani. The idyllic beaches at Bapatla, Kalingapatnam, Maipad and Manginapudi are ideal picnic spots.

The northern area of Andhra Pradesh is mountainous. The highest peak Mahendragiri rises 1500 m above the sea level. The climate is generally hot and humid. Annual rainfall: 125 cm. The Krishna and Godavari are the major river systems in the state.

By Air
Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh well connected to national and international destinations with both national and international air carriers. Airport Name: Shamsahabad.

By Rail
Hyderabad is well connected from all major cities of India. There are railway stations: Hyderabad, Secunderabad & Kachiguda.

By Road
Hyderabad, being Capital city is well connected by Road from all major cities in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Orissa.

Over 85% of the population of Andhra Pradesh speaks Telugu. However, there are important minorities. Tamil is widely spoken in the extreme south region, and on the border of Karnataka there are pockets of Kanarese or Kannada speakers.

As the home of rich folk tradition, Andhra Pradesh offers a variety of performing arts unique to its culture. Kuchipudi is the classical dance form of Andhra Pradesh. Lacquer toys, anakapalli articles, nirmal painted pottery, bidri-lead inlaid black metal trinklets, palm and slate articles, as well as Gadhwalk, Pochampalli and Dharmvaram silk saris are some of the amazing handlooms and handicrafts the state is renowned for.

Cuisine of Andhra Pradesh has a distinct flavor and is relished by many epicureans. Rice is the staple food and chillies dominate the alternative taste. The ubiquitous Andhra pickle, spicy in taste and flavor is the most appetizing dish. Even Gongura chutneys enhance the basic flavor of a meal. Papads roasted or fried are an often-preferred addition. To round off a sumptuous lunch, kheers, a variety of sweets and paans are veritable specialties.

In keeping with the rich traditions of the State, the people of Andhra Pradesh have patronised a host of arts and crafts that not only enrich the milieu but earn the artisans a decent livelihood. Kalamkari, Bidri, Nirmal paintings, fascinating weaves from Pochampalli, Gadwal, Venkatagiri and a number of other centres have earned a name all over the world.

The State is well known for its handlooms and textiles and its silk sarees are among the best produced in the country. The people of the State too have been patrons of the arts and crafts and this has resulted in the traditions being kept alive through the ages. It is not only such exclusive and delicate material as silk that the artisans of Andhra Pradesh deal in, but metalware, carpets, wood and stone carving too. From the exquisite silver filigree and brass and sheet metalware, artisans of Andhra Pradesh strive to bring out the best and it is sheer magic when they get down to producing their ware.

Fairs are a part of a living heritage in Andhra Pradesh. These are events that are awaited throughout the year and careful planning goes into them, which offers a thrilling experience to one's travel. In Andhra Pradesh many temple fairs are organized, of which the Brahmotsavam at Tirupati and the Sri Rama Navami Festival at Bhadrachalam are very popular. Devotees in large numbers attend these fairs. Andhra Pradesh Tourism organizes fairs like the Lumbini Fair, Vishaka Utsav, and Deccan Festival etc. that bring together the arts, crafts and cuisine of the various regions of the state.

To leave Andhra Pradesh without a material remembrance is nearly impossible, for the city has so much to offer. Pearls and diamonds are what the nobles in the mediaeval times sought here. The famed Kohinoor was mooned in these lands and it now adorns the British Crown. Cultured pearls in strings or set in jewellery is still a flourishing industry that employs a large number of craftsmen.

Birdiware-black metal inlaid with silver, Pochampalli sarees and fabric, handwoven in silks and cottons, glass bangles, are some of the other handicrafts and perfumes that have made Hyderabad a shopper's delight. And if one is looking for variety and bargains then the lanes of the old city around Char Minar are the best place.

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