Aizawl - political & cultural centre of Mizoram

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Aizwal - Quick Facts

Area: 457 Sq. Km.
Population: 293,456
Altitude: 1132 meters
Clothing: Summer- Cottons, Winter- Woolens
Rainfall: 250 cm
Best Time To Visit: October to March
Languages: Mizo, English

The tropic of Cancer runs through the very heart of Aizawl, Mizoram's capital city which is an ideal hill station for tourists looking for solitude, an environment which is clean & fresh with a temperate climate throughout the years.This 112 - years old citadel-like city, with its timber houses and profusion of flowers is set on a ridge at approximately an altitude of 4000 ft above sea level. With a population of approximately 2 lakhs, it's cloudless blue skies, dewy mornings and sunlit days carry a promise of unforgettable holiday pleasures practically all year round. Even the monsoon months are pleasant and gentle.

From Aizawl, visitors can enjoy the stunning vistas of the lush emerald Tlawng River Valley in the west and the Turial River Valley in the east. Facing north, the rugged visage of the beautiful high craggy hills of Durtlang are encountered, another slice of Mizoram's legendry natural beauty.Aizawl is the political and cultural centre of Mizoram. It is the seat of the Government and all important Government as well as Public Sector offices are located at Aizawl. It is also the commercial hub of the State with all economic activities centered here.

By Air
The nearest Airport is Lengpui Airport 45 kms from Aizwal. There are regular flights of Indian Airlines from Aizwal to Calcutta.

By Rail
Nearest Railhead is Silchar (Assam) which is 180 km. Buses take 8 hrs and light vehicles 6 hrs.

By Road
Visitors to Aizawl city usually take bus from Silchar via National Highway No. 44. Most of the private buses operating on the Aizawl-Silchar route run overnight, except for Mizoram State Transport's buses that run during the day.

Blue Mountain
The Highest peak in Mizoram, The Blue Mountain (Phawngpui) is situated in Chhimtuipui district overlooking the bend of the river Koldyne (Chhimtuipui) close on the state's border with Myanmar. The peak 2,157 metre in height and encircled by bamboo groves at the top where there is a level ground of about 200 hectares, offers a grand view of the height hills and the meandering undulated valleys. The woods around are home to various species of beautiful and rare flora and fauna.

Pukzing Cave
The largest cave in Mizoram, it is situated at Pukzing village near Marpara in the district of Aizawl district (Mamit). Legend has it that cave was carved out of the hills with the help of only a hair pin by a very strong man called Mualzavata.

Milu Puk
In the Mizo language, puk means a cave. Situated near Mamte village over 100 kms, from Lunglei town, the Milu Puk, which is a large cave, was found many years ago to contain heaps of human skeletons.

Lamsial Puk
Sitiuated near Farkawn village in Aizawl (Champhai) district, the cave as a silent testimony to a battle between two neighboring villages in which many lost their lives the bodies of the fighters from village Lamsial are said to have been kept in the cave.

Kungawrhi Puk
Another cave in Aizawl district, it is situated on a hill between Farkawn and Vaphai Villages. According to the folktales, a beautiful young girl by the name of Kungawrhi was abducted and kept confined in the forlorn cave by some evil spirits when she was on her way to her husband's village. Kungawrhi, however, was later rescued by her husband from the prison of the spirits.

Sibuta Lung
Erected about three hundreds years ago by a tribal chief, this memorial stone is named after him. The memorial offers a story of jilted love and lust for revenge. Having been rejected by a girl he fell headlong in love with, Sibuta went mad for revenge and decided to raise a memorial to himself in a manner which displayed an insane mind. A huge rock awash with the blood of three people sacrificed by Sibuta was carried over a distance of 10 km from the Tlawng river. Darlalpuii, a beautiful young girl, was crushed alive in a pit dug to erect the mausoleum. The memorial was raised over Darlai who lost her life under weight of the stone.

Phulpui Grave
A tale of love and tragedy also hangs by this grave located at Phulpui village in Aizawl District. Tualvungi, a raging beauty in her time, was married to Zawlpala, the Phulpui chief. She was later forced by circumstances to marry Phuntia, chief of another village. But Tualvungi could not forget her first love. She came to Phulpui years after Zawlpala's death, hah a pit dug by the side of his grave and persuaded an old woman to kill and bury there.

Chhingpuii Memorial
Raised to the memory of a young woman called Chhingpuii who was exceedingly beautiful, it is situated between Baktawng and Chhingchhip villages on the Aizawl - Lunglei Road. Chhingpuii, born to an aristocratic family, selected Kaptluanga as her husband from among her many suitors. But her happiness was short-lived, as a war broke out afterwards. Chhingpuii was abducted and killed. A grief-stricken Kaptluanga took his own life. The stone memorial reminds one of the legendary love story of Chhingpuii and Kaptluanga.

Mangkhai Lung
A large memorial stone, it was erected about three hundred years ago at Champhai to the memory of a well-known Ralte chief, Mangkhaia.

Budha's Image
An engraved image of Lord Buddha, with those of dancing girls on either side, was found at a site near Mualcheng Village about 50 km from Lunglei town. The site also has another stone slab on which some human footmarks and a few implements like spearhead and Dao are engraved. The area is close to the Chittagong Hill Tracts which was under which the Buddhist influence a few centuries ago. It is assumed that some visiting Buddhists from the Hill Tracts were responsible for the Buddha engraving.

Suangpuilawn Inscriptions
A stone slab lie by a stream at Suangpuilawn village in Aizawl district with strange words inscribed on it. The inscription remains to be deciphered till date. However, it is believed that the inscription was done by some people who inhabited the area in ancient times.

Thangliana Lung
Captian T.H.Lewin was one of the first Englishmen to come to Mizoram. The District Commissioner of the Chittagong Hills Tracts, who entered Mizoram by way of Demagiri (Tlabung) in 1865, became so popular with the local tribesmen that as a mark of respect, he was called Thangliana which meant 'greatly famous'. He lived with the Mizos for nine years and authored the first Lushai book. His memorial stone at Demagiri remains as evidence of the extent of his popularity with the Mizos.

Tamdil Lake
Tamdil Lake is located at distance of 85 km from Aizawl and is a good picnic spot with boating facilities. For an admirer of natural beauty.

Vantwang Fall
Vantwang Falls are at a distance of about 137 km, providing a breathtaking sight of water falling amidst bamboo forests. To take a fantastic view of the Myanmar hills.

One can visit Champai, about 192 km from Aizawl. Luangmual is at a distance of 7 km from Aizawl and is a small village known for its handicrafts center.

Shopping in Aizawl would be a pleasant experience too. Like all northeastern states, the Mizoram also has a rich tradition of handicrafts. Since there are few big cities in Mizoram, and Aizawl being the capital, everyone prefers shopping in Aizawl itself. Weaving is a major traditional craft in the state. Better to say, it is their way of life. Be it fabric or cane or bamboos, they weave extraordinary artifacts. Bamboo and cane are produced in huge amounts in the forestlands of Mizoram. Ranging from utilities to objets d’art, the Mizo handicrafts would arrest your eyes while shopping in Aizawl. Baskets and hats are popular items for shopping in Aizawl. Made of bamboo and cane, these are durable and beautiful at once.

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